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Smaller Parties in Scotland

Yesterday’s interview and debate between the Scottish Family Party and the Scottish Christian Party on BBC Radio Scotland gave publicity to the fact that there are a number of smaller parties putting up candidates for this upcoming General Election. It’s worth highlighting these (i) because they are options for the electorate and, (ii) they don’t get anywhere near the same airtime that the major parties do. So here’s to highlighting what small parties there are at this General Election:

Scottish Family Party

The Scottish Family Party has two candidates standing at this General Election. One in Ross, Skye and Lochaber and another in East Dunbartonshire. This relatively new party seeks to role out a version of social conservatism, arguing that “Families are the building blocks of a healthy society. The government’s job is to support and encourage stable family life, for the sake of children, adults and wider society.” https://scottishfamily.org/

Scottish Christian Party

The Scottish Christian Party is standing their sole candidate in the constituency of Ross, Skye and Lochaber. Their vision for society covers: Rebalancing and redirecting Scotland's international trade, improving international links, opening the Highlands and Islands of Scotland to central belt and countrywide trade, developing the transport links through Inverness to accomplish this, banking reform, and educational reform. http://www.ukchristianparty.org/

Scottish Libertarian Party

The Scottish Libertarian Party are standing one candidate in the constituency of Kilmarnock and Loudoun. Their purpose is in the name: whose vision “is to give people greater choice and allow them the honour of taking greater responsibility in their lives. We recognise that this ‘Yes you can’ approach will take time to cultivate after decades of government control and the expectations of entitlement it has fostered in the public.” http://scottishlibertarians.com/

Christian People’s Alliance

The Christian People’s Alliance is standing one candidate in the Dundee West constituency. Their manifesto policies for the General Election focus on: Brexit - implementing the 2016 Referendum decision by leaving completely; Marriage and the Family via taxation; Care for the poor by restoring cuts to benefits; Respect for Life by abolishing abortion. https://cpaparty.net/

Veterans and People's

The Veterans and People’s Party was established mid-2017 and now has 8000 members. They are putting up a candidate in the Linlithgow and East Falkirk constituency. Their manifesto for the Election has a fivefold focus: Poverty - dealing with homelessness and housing; Care – including NHS reform; Education policies; Defence – heavily increasing spending in the Armed Forces; and Justice – a combination of punishment and rehabilitation. https://www.ukvpp.org/


There are three independent candidates standing in the Election. They are in East Dunbartonshire, Orkney & Shetland and Dundee East.

Get along to a hustings, Google search your candidates, invite one for a coffee and chat to find out whether they are worthy of your vote. They aren’t ubiquitous, but they are here and there around Scotland this election time.

Stuart Weir

Director of CARE for Scotland