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Labour Party Manifesto

Updated: Nov 22, 2019

The Labour Party manifesto can be read here. You may also be interested to read the Labour Party’s ‘Funding Real Change’ accompanying document here.

Please note: we recognise that Christians care about many issues besides the one's listed below. We have focused on the issues CARE works on for obvious reasons.


‘We will increase mandated health visits, ensure new mothers can have access to breastfeeding support and introduce mental health assessments in a maternal health check six weeks after birth.’ Page 34

‘We will uphold women’s reproductive rights and decriminalise abortions.’ Page 48

‘Women in Northern Ireland should have access to abortions in Northern Ireland.’ Page 83

Assisted Suicide

The Manifesto itself contains no specific policy with regard to assisted suicide or end of life issues.

Commercial Sexual Exploitation

The Manifesto itself contains no specific policy with regard to Commercial Sexual Exploitation.

Family and Tax

‘Labour will radically reform early years provision, with a two-term vision to make high-quality early years education available for every child. We will also extend paid maternity leave to 12 months. Within five years, all 2, 3 and 4-year olds will be entitled to 30 hours of free preschool education per week and access to additional hours at affordable, subsidised rates staggered with incomes. Labour will also work to extend childcare provision for 1-year-olds and to ensure that childcare provision accommodates the working patterns of all parents.’ Page 38

‘Labour will launch a wholesale review of the care system, including kinship care, considering national standards such as a central register of foster parents and regulation of semi-supported housing, to ensure we meet the needs of every child. We will rebuild early intervention services and replace the Troubled Families programme with a Stronger Families programme, refocused on long-term support to reduce the risk of children going into care. We will protect and build on Staying Put for over-18s in care and the Adoption Support Fund.’ Page 51

‘We will help people balance work and family life by: - Extending statutory maternity pay from nine to 12 months. - Doubling paternity leave from two weeks to four and increasing statutory paternity pay. - Introducing statutory bereavement leave, guaranteeing workers time off to grieve the loss of close family members or following miscarriage. - Reviewing family-friendly employment rights, including rights to respond to family emergencies’ Page 61

‘We will stop 300,000 children from being in poverty by scrapping the benefit cap and the two child limit, so ending the immoral and outrageous ‘rape clause’.’ Page 73


‘We will address…… the adverse impacts of gambling as (a) matter of public health, treated accordingly in expanded addiction support services.’ Page 34

‘A Labour government will curb gambling advertising in sports and introduce a new Gambling Act fit for the digital age, establishing gambling limits, a levy for problem gambling funding and mechanisms for consumer compensations.’ Page 55

Human Trafficking

We will end indefinite detention, review the alternatives to the inhumane conditions of detention centres, and close Yarl’s Wood and Brook House, from which immediate savings would contribute towards a fund of £20 million to support the survivors of modern slavery, people trafficking and domestic violence’ Page 71

‘Our border security prevents serious crimes including child abduction, people trafficking, smuggling of drugs and guns, terrorism and modern day slavery’ Page 45


N.B. See ‘Family and Tax’ for proposals on childcare and parental leave.

‘Labour will introduce a no-fault divorce procedure.’ Page 48

‘Scrap [the] Married Persons Allowance.’ Page 5 (‘Funding Real Change’ document)

Online Safety

‘We will enforce a legal duty of care to protect our children online, impose fines on companies that fail on online abuse and empower the public with a Charter of Digital Rights.’ Pages 53-54

Relationships and Sex Education

‘We will… provide sufficient funding for schools to deliver mandatory LGBT+ inclusive relationships and sex education.’ Page 69

Religious Liberty

‘On religious discrimination, we will: - Strengthen protection for religious communities and amend the law to include attacks on places of worship (including synagogues, temples, mosques and churches) as a specific aggravated offence. - Review current levels of funding for and access to the Places of Worship Protective Security Funding Scheme, maintain funding in real terms for the Community Security Trust, and consult on giving it statutory protection to ensure that religious communities have the support they need.’ Page 67

‘Labour will take all lawful action necessary to counter and confront all forms of terrorism, and we will advocate a long-term multinational political strategy, led by regional actors, to tackle the spread of extremism.’ Page 99

'We will review the Prevent programme to assess both effectiveness and potential to alienate communities and consider alternatives including safeguarding programmes to protect those vulnerable to the recruitment propaganda and ideologies of the far-right and others who promote terror as a political strategy. We will review the Protect programme to ensure that public authorities take appropriate security measures, without alienating the communities they serve.’ Page 44