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DUP Manifesto

Updated: Nov 29, 2019

The DUP Manifesto can be accessed in full here. You may also be interested in reading the DUP’s ‘12 Point Plan to Get NI Moving Again’ which can be found here.

Please note: we recognise that Christians care about many issues besides the one's listed below. We have focused on the issues CARE works on for obvious reasons.


‘The ill-thought out, badly drafted and unwisely enacted changes to Northern Ireland’s abortion laws have created a dangerous precedent and policy vacuum.

The DUP wants:

- The Assembly to act to fill the dangerous vacuum of law and guidance that the Creasy legislation creates. Our aim will be to maximise support for mothers and protection of the unborn child.

Legislation is only part of what must be done. The DUP is committed to promoting a culture of choosing life in Northern Ireland and this value must flow through into the support and services we provide. The DUP is committed to:

- Baby Boxes- From 2021 each child born in Northern Ireland would receive a baby box. Based on the Finnish model these boxes provide a complete package designed for parents to start a life with a new baby.

- Enhanced regional perinatal mental health service with community teams and an inpatient mother and baby unit.

- Perinatal Hospice Care- Public debate has focused on the needs of women who are pregnant with a child diagnosed with a lethal or severely life limiting condition. The DUP believes that women who find themselves in these most difficult of situations need the best medical and emotional support including perinatal hospice provision in Northern Ireland.

- Increase in childcare provision to support parents and child development’

Let’s Get NI Moving Again, Page 18

‘Let’s Protect Mothers & Unborn Life Again

The dangerous vacuum of law and guidance created by the Creasy amendment. This must be matched by promoting a culture of choosing life in Northern Ireland through perinatal services and valuing children through baby boxes and childcare.’ General Election Manifesto, Page 26

Assisted Suicide

The manifesto contains no specific policy with regard to assisted suicide or end of life issues.

Commercial Sexual Exploitation

The manifesto contains no specific policy with regard to CSE.

Family and Tax

‘The DUP believes that all parents should have access to good quality and affordable childcare for their children. We need to ensure those parents who want to can access, stay and progress in paid work and in turn contribute to our economy in Northern Ireland. Good childcare can play a key role in the educational and social development of a child. In terms of future provision, the DUP is committed to:

- Support working families by introducing a Childcare Act to provide 30 hours of free childcare for 38 weeks for 3-4 year-olds, bringing Northern Ireland in line with elsewhere in the UK.

- In the longer-term, plan to extend such provision to 2-4 year-olds.

- Work with schools to provide wraparound care.’

Let’s Get NI Moving Again, Page 14

‘The two-child limit on Universal credit should be raised to 3 and then 4 in this Parliamentary term.’ General Election Manifesto, Page 10


The manifesto contains no specific policy with regard to gambling.

Human Trafficking

The manifesto contains no specific policy with regard to human trafficking.


The manifesto contains no specific policy with regard to marriage.

Online Safety

The manifesto contains no specific policy with regard to online safety.

Relationships and Sex Education

The manifesto contains no specific policy with regard to relationships and sex education.

Religious Liberty

‘The DUP successfully urged the government to take seriously international human rights abuses against Christians and other faith groups. This work needs to be continued in the next Parliament through:

• Retaining and strengthening role of the Special Envoy on Freedom of Religion or Belief with necessary financial and administrative support. • Implementation of the recommendations of the Truro Review. • Prioritising the protection of Freedom of Religion and Belief and other human rights in trade negotiations and trade deals, regardless of the UK’s future relationship with the European Union. • Retaining the Foreign Secretary’s Human Rights Advisory Group, and ensure that there are at least three representatives from civil society which specialise on Freedom of Religion and Belief.’ General Election Manifesto, Page 16

- (Note: The DUP pledges mostly pertain to religious liberty concerning international efforts, however the Truro Review does contain recommendations pertaining to religious literacy training for civil servants to improve their understanding of religious liberty issues.)