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Let's not be so quick to judge our politicians

The Election campaign is now well underway with claim and counterclaim being levelled by each of the political parties at each other.the Party Manifestos are being published, but do they matter to anyone other than the political geeks? The relatively new term of” Fake News” is being trumpeted by some and, with the closure of nominations we have seen yet more politicians standing down, worryingly many of whom are younger members of Parliament.

In my previous blog I talked about the nastiness of politics. The fear of women MPs and for some the perceived self-serving ambition of politicians. I posed the question how do we as God’s people react?

As I wrote then we have a duty to be good citizens and to engage and work for the good of our local communities and country. I passionately believe this, but, if tempted to be cynical and bewildered there is also another perspective that we must not forget.

Scripture reminds us that our leaders must be honoured because they are put there by God. We therefore must give them respect. We rightly expect them to work for justice, but we must remember that they are human and fallible. Ultimately our faith is not in politics, but in a just God who is Lord over all.

Being a politician is a really difficult job. The pressures on family life are huge, the headiness of power and the loneliness are real challenges. How should we react? Well not with shock, condemnation and cynicism when we find politicians are fallible. As God’s people there is a better way, by getting to know them, caring for them and their families and praying for them.

An election is a time when we can continue the relationship with our existing MP and begin to build new ones. Not surprisingly during a campaign they are open to meeting with us! This gives us as God’s people a real opportunity to show God’s love, thanking them for giving their time to stand for public office.

I confess to be a glass half full person. Perhaps some would say too optimistic. But we serve the God of History. Time, Nations and rulers are in His hands. We know that ultimately, He will bring all things to their perfect end. This is our hope in a hopeless world, but until that time we must continue to uphold His righteousness and justice and resist the cynicism that leads to inaction.

Nola Leach