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Conservative Party Manifesto

Updated: Nov 25, 2019

The full Conservative and Unionist Party manifesto can be read here. A separate costings document can be read here.

Please note: we recognise that Christians care about many issues besides the one's listed below. We have focused on the issues CARE works on for obvious reasons.


Note, the manifesto contains no policy that specifically addresses the issue of abortion.

‘We have reformed redundancy law so companies cannot discriminate against women immediately after returning from maternity leave.

We will legislate to allow parents to take extended leave for neonatal care, to support those new mothers and fathers who need it during the most vulnerable and stressful days of their lives. And we will look at ways to make it easier for fathers to take paternity leave.’ Page 39

Assisted Suicide

‘We will support our precious hospices, developing the plans already announced by Boris Johnson to secure their future, with a £25 million cash injection in August to support 200,000 people at the end of their lives.’ Page 11

Commercial Sexual Exploitation

The Manifesto contains no specific policy with regard to Commercial Sexual Exploitation.

Family and Tax

‘Children who end up in care are more likely to struggle as adults, denied the love and stability most of us take for granted. We will prioritise stable, loving placements for those children – adoption where possible or foster parents recruited by the local authority. We will review the care system to make sure that all care placements and settings are providing children and young adults with the support they need.’ Page 14

‘A strong society needs strong families. We will improve the Troubled Families programme and champion Family Hubs to serve vulnerable families with the intensive, integrated support they need to care for children – from the early years and throughout their lives.’ Page 14

‘Raising a family should be the most fulfilling experience of your life. But for too many parents, the costs of childcare are a heavy burden. We want to give parents the freedom, support and choice to look after their children in the way that works best for them. We will establish a new £1 billion fund to help create more high quality, affordable childcare, including before and after school and during the school holidays.’ Page 15

‘We will fund more high-quality childcare before and after school and during the holidays so that working parents do not have to choose between their careers and their children.’ Page 39


‘We will continue to take action to tackle gambling addiction.’ Page 11

‘…the Gambling Act is increasingly becoming an analogue law in a digital age. We will review it, with a particular focus on tackling issues around loot boxes and credit card misuse.’ Page 20

Human Trafficking

‘We will counter the growing threat of serious and organised crime. We will strengthen the National Crime Agency so it can tackle the threats we face, from fraud, county lines gangs and child sexual abuse to illicit finance, modern slavery and people trafficking.’ Page 19

‘We will continue our campaigns to… eradicate human trafficking and the scourge of modern slavery.’ Page 53


The Manifesto contains no specific policy with regard to marriage.

Online Safety

‘We will legislate to make the UK the safest place in the world to be online – protecting children from online abuse and harms, protecting the most vulnerable from accessing harmful content…’ Page 20

Relationships and Sex Education

The Manifesto contains no specific policy with regard to Relationships and Sex Education.

Religious Liberty

‘We will protect people from physical attack or harassment whether for their sex, sexual orientation, ethnicity, religion or disability, and expand funding for and protect places of worship.’ Page 20

- (Note: the existing Places of Worship Protective Security Funding Scheme to which this alludes is currently an England and Wales only provision.)

‘We will vigorously combat harassment and violence against all religious groups, and against LGBT people.’ Page 20

- (Note: ‘harassment’ is defined as ‘causing alarm or distress’ under the terms of the Protection from Harassment Act 1997.)

‘We will ensure that those who work in countering extremism are protected from threats and intimidation.’ Page 20

‘We will also strengthen academic freedom and free speech in universities and continue to focus on raising standards.’ Page 37

‘We will champion freedom of expression and tolerance, both in the UK and overseas.’ Page 48

‘We will stand against terrorism and extremism around the world.’ Page 53

‘We will combat extremism and do all we can to ensure that extremists never receive public money.’ Page 19

- (Note: any work concerning extremism should be tailored to target violent extremism or non-violent extremism linked to terrorism only.)

‘We will seek to protect those persecuted for their faith and implement the Truro Review recommendations.’ Page 53

- (Note: the Truro Review includes recommendations concerning religious literacy training at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and other Government departments.)