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Alliance Party Manifesto

The full Alliance Party manifesto can be read here.

Please note: we recognise that Christians care about many issues besides the one's listed below. We have focused on the issues CARE works on for obvious reasons.


Note, the manifesto contains no policy that specifically addresses the issue of abortion.

‘We believe that people should have secure jobs, with proper rights and fair pay. Alliance: Supports an increase statutory maternity pay (SMP) and Maternity Allowance to the same level as the minimum wage.’ Page 16

Assisted Suicide

The Manifesto contains no specific policy with regard to Assisted Suicide.

‘Alliance will support the following measures within the first year of a new Parliament: Scrapping the six-month rule for terminally ill claimants and ending frequent, repetitive assessments for people with lifelong, permanent or deteriorating conditions.’ Page 15

Commercial Sexual Exploitation

The Manifesto contains no specific policy with regard to Commercial Sexual Exploitation.

Family and Tax

Alliance will support the following measures within the first year of a new Parliament: Removing the two-child limit and the benefits cap. Page 15

Childcare provision in Northern Ireland is out of step with the rest of the UK. We want to see the introduction of 30 hours of free, high-quality childcare on a similar basis to that provided in England and Wales, but at the same time learning from difficulties in delivery there, in order to provide childcare that benefits child development and helps parents. We want to see:

- A refreshed childcare strategy that ensures sustainable funding for high quality, free and affordable childcare, encourages the growth of Sure Start centres, and promotes wraparound care and other flexible options.

- Acknowledgement of the additional challenges for parents of twins and other multiple births and providing additional support. Revision of how childcare costs are supported within Universal Credit.

- Restoration of a UK-wide target on reducing child poverty. Page 17.


The Manifesto contains no specific policy with regard to Gambling.

Human Trafficking

‘Alliance will: Promote collaborative efforts to tackle global crimes which require an integrated national and international response, including human trafficking, fuel laundering and counterfeiting. We recognise that the profits from these crimes fund illegal organisations locally and globally.’ Page 35

‘Alliance will: Continue to support the fight against slave labour and human trafficking.’ Page 40.


‘We welcome the extension of Same Sex Marriage to Northern Ireland from January 2020 and will continue to support robust protections for faith groups.’ Page 27

Online Safety

The Manifesto contains no specific policy with regard to Online Safety.

Relationships and Sex Education

The Manifesto contains no specific policy with regard to Relationships and Sex Education.

Religious Liberty

‘Alliance strongly supports the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR). We will oppose any proposed repeal of the Human Rights Act or withdrawal from the ECHR.’ Page 27

- (Note: the Human Rights Act incorporates the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR) into the UK domestic law. Article 9 of the ECHR protects the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion.)

‘We also want the Secretary of State to urgently introduce legislation which would see the Northern Ireland Human Rights Commission’s legal standing restored’ Page 27

‘Alliance has a strong track record of opposing all forms of racism and sectarianism, including antisemitism and islamophobia, and we want to see strong equality legislation which both reflects and protects the diversity of identities.’ Page 28

‘We believe that there should be the same standard of equality provisions throughout the UK. We want to see the creation of a Single Equality Act for Northern Ireland’ Page 28

With regard to Asylum, Refugees and Vulnerable Economic Migrants

‘We believe: We need to train decision-makers to better handle complex cases involving the persecution of LGBT people, religious or ethnic minorities who are unsafe in their home country, irrespective of whether the state is the perpetrator. If their home country has not kept them safe, then they must be allowed to claim asylum elsewhere.’ Page 30

‘Alliance will: Continue to promote our unwavering commitment to freedom of, and from, religion across the world and opposing discrimination on the basis of religion or belief.’ Page 40

‘Alliance will: Use the UK’s role in the Commonwealth to make progress on protecting the rights of women, religious minorities and LGBT people.’ Page 40